Brouwerij Alvinne

Alvinne’s Fellowship of Exceptional Ales

Last month I got one of the best Christmas presents ever: I went for a weekend trip to Belgium to visit the Alvinne brewery and watch them brew. It was a special invitation for members of the Alvinne Fellowship. What an experience to see them doing their thing up close! I took some great shots of the brew day, so I thought I would share them with you, including the story of the Fellowship, their excellent beers and why this brewery has become one of my favorites in a relatively short time.

Hop-In Beer Store

Behind the scenes at Hop-In beer store

Teun and Chris run Hop-In beer store located in Noord, one of Rotterdam’s up and coming hip neighborhoods. Since last year I’ve started visiting their store and attending their beer tastings, and have gotten to know them as two young, ambitious beer connoisseurs who are set on helping people discover the wonderful world of craft beer. Read more about it in the new behind the scenes interview.

Brewdog 010 Beer Blog

The conundrum of Saisons and Farmhouse Ales

Have you ever noticed on beer menus that beers are sometimes listed under the beer style Saison/Farmhouse Ale, as if this was one and the same thing? True, beer styles generally are a bit fluid, rolling with the punches of modern beer tastes and brewers’ freewheeling notions. But piling it all together seems a bit lazy, not to mention confusing for the consumer. In my mission to learn all about beer I set myself the task to clear this up once and for all.

Eurotrash United

Behind the scenes at Eurotrash United

Located under an old train track in the new hotspot “De Hofbogen”, Eurotrash United is a unique combination of craft beer bar, live music venue, and exotic Surinamese and Caribbean cuisine all in your favorite vintage living room. Two weeks ago on a very warm spring day I had the chance to talk with René Stoop, the floor manager, and learned all about how he came to work for Eurotrash, the story behind the eccentric beer labels and how art fueled the Eurotrash concept.

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