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The conundrum of Saisons and Farmhouse Ales

Have you ever noticed on beer menus that beers are sometimes listed under the beer style Saison/Farmhouse Ale, as if this was one and the same thing? True, beer styles generally are a bit fluid, rolling with the punches of modern beer tastes and brewers’ freewheeling notions. But piling it all together seems a bit lazy, not to mention confusing for the consumer. In my mission to learn all about beer I set myself the task to clear this up once and for all.

Eurotrash United

Behind the scenes at Eurotrash United

Located under an old train track in the new hotspot “De Hofbogen”, Eurotrash United is a unique combination of craft beer bar, live music venue, and exotic Surinamese and Caribbean cuisine all in your favorite vintage living room. Two weeks ago on a very warm spring day I had the chance to talk with René Stoop, the floor manager, and learned all about how he came to work for Eurotrash, the story behind the eccentric beer labels and how art fueled the Eurotrash concept.

Uit Je Eigen Stad Beer Festival

Rotterdam’s newest beer festival

One of the things I love most about Rotterdam is its innovative spirit and how it embraces new developments and sustainable solutions. Uit Je Eigen Stad, which literally translates as ‘From Your Own City’ is one of those great initiatives, an urban farm that grows its own produce to serve in their restaurant. What better place to have Rotterdam’s first beer festival this February, featuring only local beers?

Becoming a beer sommelier – Part 1

After spontaneously starting this blog in April last year, things took a more serious turn when I signed up for the Dutch Stibon beer sommelier training in September. I learned a lot of new things and it actually made me even more enthusiastic about the world of beer. If you’re thinking about following the Dutch Stibon beer sommelier course or are just interested in what you learn on the road to becoming a beer sommelier, here are some of the cool things I discovered.

Trending: The Beer Can

Brewers have started making a switch to cans and there is no stopping them. Are beer cans the future? According to the latest 2017 figures of consumer research firm Nielsen, cans now make up a quarter of the beers sold in the UK. There are, however, still several arguments against using cans. Here are some pros and cons regarding beer canning. I’ll let you be the judge!